Dr. Who

Dr Who Coming Soon to Lego


Lego posted some teaser images of the new Dr Who set that is coming soon on their Facebook page.  Rumor has it, soon could be as soon as Christmas.  I am not much of a Who fan but I know it has a huge following both in the states and across the pond. (more…)

October Lootcrate: TIME


lootcrate logo

Right when I want to go and put my Lootcrate on hold they pull a rabbit out of their hat that keeps me for another month.  This time it is a time traveling rabbit.  They announced shortly after the Summon crate that this month’s theme is TIME.  In case you are not aware Oct 21 is the day Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future II.  If you know me, you know that I am a huge fan of the Back to the Future Trilogy.   (more…)

Funko NYCC Exclusives: Wave One


Funko is realeasing their exclusives in waves again it looks like.  They released wave one today and it looks like your usual mix of their brands and licenses.  I am a fan of their Vinyl Idiols line so I was glad to see Bloody Daryl.   (more…)

2015 SDCC Exclusives: Funko- Wave One


Today Funko announced the first wave of many revealing their exclusives for this year’s comic con.  Funko said they plan to announce new exclusives every Monday, Wednesday and Friday leading up to the show.   (more…)