Parks and Recreation

Finally Parks & Recreation POPS! Are Coming

Parks and Rec has a huge following so it’s a surprise it took Funko this long to give them the POP! treatment.

The town of Pawnee would not be the same without
these lovable characters and their absurd antics.
Now they can be yours!

Featuring the government-hating Ron Swanson,
the over-achiever Leslie Knope, shoe-shiner Andy Dwyer,
Pawnee’s famous miniature horse Li’l Sebastian,
and the dry, sarcastic April Ludgate.


Funko’s London Toy Fair Reveals


Funko was tweeting their London Toy Fair reveals all day. I was trying to keep up with post but was quickly over whelmed while also trying to maintain my day job.

We just decided to sum it all up below. I am really looking forward to most, some not so much. (more…)