pint sized heroes

Pre Order Now: Megaman Pint Size Heroes! Borderlands & Elder Scrolls POPS!

Pint Size Heroes: Megaman

Created in a lab and forced to protect the world is none other than Megaman!
Megaman and many of his counterparts from the classic video game seriesare now in Pint Size form!
Unwrap the blind bag to find Megaman, Protoman, Cutman, Dr. Light and many more!
Look for exclusive characters at GameStop like Bass, Zero and Servbot!
Collect these Megaman Pint Size Heroes this Spring!


Pre-Order Now: New Lord of the Rings and WWE POPS!

There are a boat load of POPS! out there already, and Funko just keeps giving us more.  Here are two license that I am sure fans are really looking forward to.  Over the past couple of days, some new WWE and Lord of the Rings POPS! went up for pre-order.  Some new WWE Pint Sized Heroes and some Lord of the Rings POP! keychains also went up.   (more…)

Funko’s London Toy Fair Reveals


Funko was tweeting their London Toy Fair reveals all day. I was trying to keep up with post but was quickly over whelmed while also trying to maintain my day job.

We just decided to sum it all up below. I am really looking forward to most, some not so much. (more…)