Pre-Order Now: Workaholics POPS!

I am glad to see one of my favorite shows getting POP! treatment from Funko.

Work? What is that?
As they struggle into adulthood,
these characters are stuck in a college mindset.
Spending most of their days avoiding work,
they can’t help but continue to look for a good time!
The telemarketing gurus Blake, Adam and Anders from
the Comedy Central show Workaholics are now in Pop! vinyl form!

They are currently up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. (more…)

Funko’s London Toy Fair Reveals


Funko was tweeting their London Toy Fair reveals all day. I was trying to keep up with post but was quickly over whelmed while also trying to maintain my day job.

We just decided to sum it all up below. I am really looking forward to most, some not so much. (more…)