New Star Wars Black Series Announced at SDCC


Hasbro officially announced some upcoming figures for their popular 6 inch Black Series.  The new additions are Ahsoka Tano of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Kanan of Star Wars Rebels, Jango Fett from Star Wars EPII, Luke Skywalker as we first see him on Tatooine in EPIV.  Remember the fan poll?  They announced those too and they are, Darth Raven from Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic and Sabine Ren from Star Wars Rebels.

Don’t think that EPVII was going to be left out.  In addition to the First Order Stormtrooper announced earlier, Hasbor plans to add a TIE Fighter Pilot with giant ass scale TIE Fighter to go with it.

Check out the images snagged from twitter (btw I am loving the clear “snow boards” hasbro has been using for displays):

starwarshasbro0009 starwarshasbro0008 starwarshasbro0007 starwarshasbro0005

jango fettstarwarshasbro0004


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