New Marvel Legends Spiderman Series Announced, with Spider-Gwen!


Hasbro has done something that is hard to do in this day in age.  Truly gave fans a surprise by announcing a new line of Marvel Legends yesterday at breakfast.  I addition we have some confirmations and new details on the Walgreens Exclusives coming in July and later this fall.  First things first, the new Spider-Man series of Marvel Legends.  Looks like the new additions include Venom, Ben Reilly Spider-Man, Jack-O Lantern, Bettle, Spider-Gwen!, Morbius, Absorbing Man, and Speed Demon (with Silvermane’s head in a remote control car!).  It looks like the BAF will be Absorbing Man.  We all know Spider-Gwen is going to blow up as she set the comic world on fire earlier this year.  I am not going to lie, I am probably destined to own a few for my daughters (and me).

Marvel-Legends-Spider-Gwen-Figure-e1436504418418 SDCC-2015-Marvel-Legends-Beetle-Figure-e1436504417672 Marvel-Legends-Spider-Man-Venom-Classic-Figure-SDCC-2015 sdcc2015-marvellegends-01 Marvel-Legends-Absorbing-Man-Build-A-Figure-e1436504414984 Marvel-Legends-Jack-O-Lantern-Figure-e1436504460759 Marvel-Legends-Speed-Demon-with-Silvermane-Head-e1436504477174



The Walgreens exclusive based on Eric O’Grady’s Ant-Man is set to go on sale online on July 20.,   You will have to wait until  fall for the retro Daredevil.  Walgreens has really been stepping up there game when it comes to exclusives with these two and Agent Venom.




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