Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Legends Wave 2 In Package Photos

In package promo photos of the second wave of the Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Legends figures started marking the rounds online this week. By now, most collectors have acquired the first wave and built Thanos. The BAF in this wave is Cull Obsidian. No word on when these will be released or go up for pre-order. With the movie being released just a few weeks away, we would imagine it’s coming soon.  It also looks unlikely that Ant-Man & The Wasp will be getting their own wave, since they are included in this one.

You can check out the whole wave below.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters April 27th. Tickets are on sale now. (more…)

Spoilers: Marvel Collector Corps Year One Box


Some images of this one have been floating around Twitter since last night, but now Funko has an official unboxing video of their Year One box.  I get all three (Marvel, DC, Star Wars) of Funko’s subscription boxes regularly.  I actually passed on this box, and I am kinda glad I did.  Check out the images and video below.  Do you think it was a let down for $125?  Read on if you want to see how pissed you’re gonna be if you got this box. (more…)

Marvel Legends Namor Walgreens Exclusive Swimming into Stores


It looks like Namor is currently making his way to Walgreens stores.  This Walgreens exclusive Marvel Legends figure has been popping up on eBay, meaning people are trying to make a quick flip.  Walgreens exclusives are hit or miss on the secondary market.  Poor Daredevil is still warming the pegs at my Walgreens. (more…)

First Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man Figure Spotted on eBay


One of the first Spider-Man figures for the upcoming Civil War movie has been spotted on eBay.  This is an exclusive 8-pack, but to what store we don’t know yet.  What we do know its that it favors Team Iron Man as far as character mix. (more…)

More Captain America: Civil War Toy Spoilers

Funko already let the cat out of the bag at this year’s Toy Fair by revealing the 6-inch Giant Man POP!.  I noticed some Lego sets on the shelf that pretty much confirm that Giant Man is making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War.   (more…)