Deadpool POP! Update


Deadpool crushed the box office over the weekend shattering records for an R-rated opening.  With Deadpool mania in full swing some of the POPS! are being spotted in the wild.  The Amazon exclusive is in stock and you can get it next day if you are a Prime member.  Deadpool choking his chicken is a Walgreens exclusive and I was lucky enough to snag on of those as well.


I am still striking out with the Bath Time Deadpool from Target.  When I stopped by Gamestop the guy behind the counter looked at me like I was crazy and had no clue about their exclusive.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the Knightmare Batman already out.  I love Batman so couldn’t pass that one up.  The Pirate Deadpool is at Hot Topic and isn’t hard to find.  The only ones left to scratch off are the Cowboy and Chef Deadpools.  Oh yeah, there is a F.Y.E. exclusive that features the blue and yellow suit.  The most valuable one of all it seems is the one from this month’s Collector Corps.


It’s a flying Deadpool thats going for stupid money.  I plan on keeping mine whenever it comes.  Check out the list below.

111 2 Swords (Regular)

111 2 Swords (Gamestop exclusive)

112 Thumbs Up (Regular)

112 Thumbs Up (Amazon exclusive)

112 Thumbs Up (F.Y.E. exclusive)

113 Pirate (Hot Topic exclusive)

114 Bath Time (Target exclusive)

115 Chef (???)

116 Rubber Chicken (Walgreens exclusive)

117 Cowboy (???)

123 Jumping into Action (Collector Corps)

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