Pre-Order Now: Captain America Civil War Marvel Legends Wave 2 (with high resolution photos)


These just went up for pre-oder and the chatter has been pretty positive on this wave.  Everyone seems to be looking forward to Black Panther.  Others in the set include Captain America, Iron Man (Mark 46), Nick Fury, Red Guardian, and Nuke.  The case break down will give you an extra Iron Man and Captain America.  If you are a fan of hunting these down in the wild, save those for last.  It says they are due out in April but start looking for them in big boxes soon.  We got some high resolution photos from Marvel that let you know who has what body part for the Giant Man BAF.  It is no secret he is in the movie since the Giant Man 6-inch POP! is out and there is a Lego set on shelves with him in it.

Marvel-Legends-Civil-War-Wave-Black-Panther-2 Marvel-Legends-Civil-War-Wave-Black-Panther-1

Marvel-Legends-Civil-War-Wave-Captain-America-2 Marvel-Legends-Civil-War-Wave-Captain-America-1 Marvel-Legends-Civil-War-Wave-Mark-45-Iron-Man-2 Marvel-Legends-Civil-War-Wave-Mark-45-Iron-Man-1

Marvel-Legends-Civil-War-Wave-Nick-Fury-2 Marvel-Legends-Civil-War-Wave-Nick-Fury-1 Marvel-Legends-Civil-War-Wave-Red-Guardian-2 Marvel-Legends-Civil-War-Wave-Red-Guardian-1 Marvel-Legends-Civil-War-Wave-Nuke-2 Marvel-Legends-Civil-War-Wave-Nuke-2



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  1. I need Hasbro to slow down on the new Legends waves. My wallet cannot keep up. I keep my buying under $50 a month and my local box stores still haven’t gotten the Rhino wave in and barely the Ant-man wave. Grrr…


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