Black Panther

Spotted in the Wild: Shuri & Klaw Marvel Legends 2-Pack Toys R Us Exclusive

These were just released and have already been spotted on shelves. This Toys R Us exclusive 2 pack features comic versions of Klaw and Shuri. They are already popping up on eBay for way over retail. As always, be patient and you’ll get one sooner or later for retail. (more…)

New Black Panther LEGO Sets Coming Jan 1

I️ have a habit of getting in trouble with LEGO for posted their stuff before it is officially revealed.  But with less than a month until their release date, both 2018 LEGO Marvel Black Panther movie sets have now been revealed and are up for pre-order on their site.  Unfortunately we have to wait until after Christmas (Jan 1) to get them in hand.  But that is still plenty of time before the release to get people geared up to see it.  There aren’t many if any spoilers in these sets.  Lego has been know to reveal some key plot points in some of their sets.  Remember Giant Man from Civil War?

Black Panther MCU Marvel Legends Officially Revealed

The wave for the Black Panther movie was officially revealed today over at The Hollywood Reporter. Like other Legends lines, they will have a BAF which is Okoye, one of Black Panther’s bodyguards.

Among the characters in the line are Black Panther, the villainous Erik Killmonger (played in the movie by Michael B. Jordan), and Nakia, a deadly fighter played by Lupita Nyong’o. (more…)

2018 Marvel Legends 12″ MCU Black Panther Figure Revealed at D23

This past weekend at the D23 Expo Hasbro revealed their first Marvel Legends offering of any kind for 2018.  With Disney acquiring every entertainment property (Marvel, Star Wars….), D23 is becoming another popular event for reveals.  I know they are saving the best for later this week at SDCC.  Back to the Marvel Legends Black Panther, not much is know but it looks like it will come with an alternate unmasked head sculpt.  Check out the images from the reveal below.  

New Marvel Legends Black Panther Figure?!


A new Black Panther Marvel Legends pictures has been circulating around the inter webs today.  This appears to be the first comic based version of the Black Panther since the 2013 Rocket Racoon BAF version.  This one looks to come with more accessories, like interchangeable hands and Kraven’s spear.  We are not sure of an expected release date but with out a BAF piece it could be a store exclusive.  We will bring you more updates when we get them. (more…)