Nick Fury

Pre-Order Now: Captain America Civil War Marvel Legends Wave 2 (with high resolution photos)


These just went up for pre-oder and the chatter has been pretty positive on this wave.  Everyone seems to be looking forward to Black Panther.  Others in the set include Captain America, Iron Man (Mark 46), Nick Fury, Red Guardian, and Nuke. (more…)

Coming Soon: Marvel Legends Giant Man BAF


I am not sure if the above photo is official but if it’s not, kudos to the photoshop skills.  We knew of some of the characters in this wave already.  I am sure some people are upset that Giant Man is the same suit as Ant-Man from the most recent movie. (more…)

Heating Up: Marvel Legends Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3-Pack


It looks like over the past couple of days the Agents of SHIELD 3-pack started heating up.  If you are not familiar, the agents of SHIELD 3-pack is a Toys R Us exclusive that includes Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Phil Coulson.  The price in-store and online has dropped significantly to $29.99.  This is $20 lower than what it was so grab them while you can. (more…)