Pre-Order Now: New DC Multiverse Figures from Suicide Squad & The Dark Knight Returns


A bunch of new DC Multiverse figures went up for pre-order.  There are new waves of 6-inch and 12-inch figures from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, as well as figures from the classic The Dark Knight Returns.  

The Dark Knight Returns figures will each contain a new Collect and Connect piece to build Doomsday.  DC Multiverse Wave 3 will give us Armored Batman (Dark Knight Returns)(x3), Robin (Dark Knight Returns)(x2), Supergirl (x2), and Super Doomsday (x1).  The wave is due out in June.

Wave 2 of the 12-inch Suicide Squad figures isn’t much different from Wave 1.  The only difference is Wave 2 has the Joker.  So far the only Suicicde Squad members getting the 12-inch treatment so far are Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and The Joker.

On the 6-inch side, it looks like the second wave will allow you to complete the collect and connect figure, Killer Croc.  This wave has The Joker (x3), Boomerang (x3), and Katana (x2). You will have to wait until July to get these.  Wave 1 which contains Harley Quinn (x3), Deadshot (x3), and Batman (x2), will be out in June.

We still don’t have official images from Mattel, so all we have is the New York Toy Fair reveal to go by.

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