In Hand Pictures of Captain America Civil War Marvel Legends Figures Wave 3


I just noticed on Marvel Legends Facebook page (I know I am late) some in hand images of wave 3 of Captain America Civil War Marvel Legends.  Abomination is the build-a-figure, and it’s due to hit shelves anyway now.

The case includes 8 figures:  (There are duplicates of Cap and either Wonder Man or Captain Britain)
Secret War Captain America
Iron Skull
Wonder Man
Marvel’s Eel
Captain Britain
Scarlet Witch

13516530_1057437524342616_3589900836913354461_n 13532856_1057315971021438_9128546228968626831_n 13466337_1057315917688110_1060191156285516981_n 13507182_1057315844354784_7064145221462458613_n

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