Red Skull

Mezco Toyz SDCC One:Collective Round-Up


Mezco Toyz revealed a ton on new figures for their One:12 Collective line.  I am one person with 4 screaming kids home for summer so it is hard for me to keep up, but I am trying.  For more pictures go visit our friends over at  They are doing an awesome job keeping us all up to speed.  We showed you some of the sneak peaks, and now here are the rest. (more…)

In Hand Pictures of Captain America Civil War Marvel Legends Figures Wave 3


I just noticed on Marvel Legends Facebook page (I know I am late) some in hand images of wave 3 of Captain America Civil War Marvel Legends.  Abomination is the build-a-figure, and it’s due to hit shelves anyway now. (more…)

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective: Captain America Up for Pre-Order, Teases Deadpool, Spider-Man, & Red Skull

2446Mezco Toyz put Captain America up for pre-order today and also teased some up coming figures for the One:12 Collective.   Cap will hover around the $80 mark and will ship out around September.  This figure stands 6 1/2-inches tall and has over 32 points of articulation and comes with plenty of accessories.   (more…)

Coming Soon: Marvel Legends Red Skull Onslaught BAF

The Absorbing Man BAF Wave is hitting shelves as we speak and now it looks like we can look forward to a Red Skull BAF next.  This wave will include Captain America (comic version), Mockingbird, Sharon Carter, Whirlwind, Cottonmouth, Demolition Man, and Taskmaster. (more…)