2016 Star Wars Black Series SDCC & Celebration Exclusives


Entertainment Weekly had the exclusive reveal of this year’s Star Wars Black Series SDCC and Celebration exclusives.  You can expect to pick up Old Ben Kenobi at SDCC and Kylo Ren at Star Wars Celebration.  The details of the exclusives are below, but I have a feeling Ben Kenobi will be re-release in an upcoming retail wave.  Just like Boba Fett was without the Carbonate, The First Order Stormtrooper, ect.  There are plenty of Kylo Rens out there so I really don’t see this one getting another release.

From EW.com:

This may be a first for Star Wars toys — a collectible of a character who is an obsessive collector himself.

Hasbro is unveiling two new high-end action figures, which will go on sale at the two biggest geek events happening on the planet this month.

First up, at Star Wars Celebration in London, which runs July 15-17, The Force Awakens villain Kylo Ren will be available as  6-inch Black Series collectible, complete with a scorched and melted version of Vader’s helmet.

The miniature likeness of Adam Driver also comes with Ren’s own helmet and crossguard lightsaber, a version of that handmade laser sword’s hilt, and a banner emblazoned with the First Order insignia.


During the fan event, it will be available at the Forbidden Planet toy booth for $34.99. (More details on the packaging will be released later @HasbroPulse on Instagram.)


Later in the month at San Diego’s Comic-Con International (July 21-24), a veteran character from the original Star Wars will get the Black Series treatment with this Obi-Wan Kenobi set, depicting the Alec Guinness character in the scene when the Jedi-in-hiding receives an emergency hologram from Princess Leia.


Leia herself is rendered as a miniature blue figurine atop a table with an embedded light that makes her appear to glow.

Kenobi also comes with two lightsabers — his own, ignited, the other a hilt – the weapon which  started out as Anakin Skywalker’s, was later passed to his son, Luke, and ultimately ended up in the hands of Rey in The Force Awakens – who was last seen offering it back to Luke.

STAR-WARS-THE-BLACK-SERIES-6-Inch-Obi-Wan-Kenobi-Pack-in-pkg1 STAR-WARS-THE-BLACK-SERIES-6-Inch-Obi-Wan-Kenobi-Pack-in-pkg2

This figure will be for sale at the Hasbro booth for $44.99.

May the Force make room on your shelf.

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