Mezco Toyz SDCC One:Collective Round-Up


Mezco Toyz revealed a ton on new figures for their One:12 Collective line.  I am one person with 4 screaming kids home for summer so it is hard for me to keep up, but I am trying.  For more pictures go visit our friends over at  They are doing an awesome job keeping us all up to speed.  We showed you some of the sneak peaks, and now here are the rest.



14-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12RedSonSuperman2 17-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12Arsenal 16-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12BlackAdam 15-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12AJoker 18-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12Deathstroke


12-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12Deadpool 08-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12Spiderman-1 10-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12RedSkullClassic 11-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12LoadedPunisher 09-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12CommanderRogers





Star Trek

20-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12st-CapsChair-1 19-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12TribbleKirk


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