Hasbro SDCC Marvel Round-Up

After spending time in the middle of know where hiking yesterday I am playing catch up from Hasbro’s Marvel Panel.  I’ve been researching online and social media so I know I am missing something.  It seems like a ton of great stuff was covered.  As I get more information I’ll keep updateing so check back.  Here’s the run down.

It looks like Hasbro is using a new technology called Photo Real to improve the accuracy of their movie figures.  13 figures so far this year are using the technology, starting with Gamora.

We now have some answers for some of the  6-inch reveals floating around social media the past few days.

It looks like the Fantastic Four will continue to be Walgreens exclusives with Mr. Fantasic coming with Ultimate Nullifier, regular and bendy arms.  They also reassured fans that The Thing is still coming .

Another Walgreens is exclusive is the latest Inhuman, Medusa.  She does look similar to the 2014 SDCC exclusive, but slightly different.

Toys R Us is sticking to their 2-pack exclusive theme with the Hydra Soldiers 2-pack. Each figure will come with 3 different head sculpts.

Fans seem to be loving the new Defensers box set.  The Amazon exclusive features comic versions of Deardevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones.

Deadpool fans have a lot to be excited about.  Not only does he get his own wave of 6-inch figure, there are two more 12-inch versions coming as well.  The first is Weapon-X, and the second is a TRU exclusive X-Force version.  It looks like there is a comic Wolverine getting 12-inch treatment as well.

The 6-inch Wave with feature Deathlock and his huge cannon, Domino, Cable, X-23, and of course, Deadpool.  Hasbro also promised a Back in Back Deadpool so maybe he’ll be in this wave too.

Venompool will not be part of the wave as it’s a GameStop exclusive.

Family game night is also going to get a lot more fun with Deadpool Monopoly coming in the near future.

Kids will also be excited to get some Deadpool blasters in their Nerf Armoury.  The blasters will be exclusive to Best Buy and GameStop.
The Spider-Man wave revealed with feature Gwenpool, Spider-Punk, Mysterio, and Lasher.  Not sure rest of the wave, but the BAF is the classics Lizard.  This tail will have 3 points of articulation for great posing.

The Black Bolt and Namor on display will be part of the Black Panther MCU wave.  I’m guessing the new Namor will come with the bearded and a clean shaven head sculpts.  The press photo is different from their display figure.

Others, not announced, but rumored to be in the wave are MCU versions of Iron Man, Cap, Leopard, and Siberian Tiger.

Songbird will be part of a new Avengers wave coming in 2018.  Thanks will be the BAF and from the sneak peek it looks like he’s coming with the infinity gauntlet.

Hasbro finished off their 6-inch announcements with a X-Men wave with an Apocolypse BAF coming in 2018.

New vehicles with figures are also coming in 2018, Black Widow and Ghost Rider with bikes.   The front skull and flames are removable and hopefully we can get some better details soon.

Hasbro also hinted at more Netflix series figures in the future as well as more symbiot figures.   They also want fans to know to keep post pics of their customs as they actually look to those for new ideas.
You can check out more pics and info at:


Marvelous News 

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