Excelsior! Marvel Legends Stan Lee Build-A-Figure

Looks like we are finally getting a Stan Lee Marvel Legends figure. My guess is we would have seen one of these long ago, but likeness rights and licensing was the hold up on this one. You know Stan Lee is too cool to just have a wide release stand alone figure. He is a Build-A-Figure, so you’ll have to try a little for this one. It’s not quite a hard as regular BAF though. To complete Stan the Man you’ll only have to hunt down two 2-packs.

A new set of images of the unmasked Erik Killmonger and Everett Ross show the legs. The back shows that torso, arms, and head will come with the Winter Soldier/ Falcon 2-pack.  No word yet on when and where to expect these but, we will pass along the details as soon as we get them.

You can check out more images at https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5732690188

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