Unboxed: NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Slash& Leatherhead

The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon in the 80s was what got me into the turtles so the toon line by NECA is one of my favorites. The only problem is they are everyone else’s favorites too, making them hard to come by at retail.  With a little patience I do eventually find them. It might be months after all the cool kids get theirs, but I eventually get them without having to feed the scalpers. After not having much luck finding NECA’s Toon Casey Jones and Foot Soldier my expectations weren’t high on my ability to find Slash and Leatherhead either. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I snagged the last one at my main Target the other day so quick after release.
Being a Louisiana boy, Leatherhead quickly became one of my favorite characters. Growing up in Cajun country it was always funny to see how people outside of the region stereotyped us swamp people. Leatherhead didn’t disappoint and I loved every episode he was in. Of course, I had the original Playmates figure, but he’s now out there making some other kid/collector happy after my Mom donated all my old toys when I was in college. I know I am not the only one this has happened too. I tell myself I will eventually buy all the originals back but don’t feel like taking out a second mortgage to accomplish that.
If you are lucky enough to snag the Slash/Leatherhead 2-pack not only will you get the two figures, but a ton of cool accessories as well.


Slash comes with a half-eaten pizza, Shredders Shaolin swords, and of course his “binky”. He also gets a pair of high tech weapons from his return from space to attempt to complete his trans frequency flux oscillator. Slash himself is the same size as the other 4 turtles as far as scale. The joints on mine were super stiff so be sure to use care when posing him in different positions. Also, be careful handling around his backpack as the straps are barely held on to start with and can see that as an easy break point.

He only comes with the pair of hands he came with but that’s all you need for him to hold everything he comes with. As well as being the same scale, he also has the same articulation as the four turtles. There was no trouble posing him in different poses and he was able to stand on his own in most of them



Leatherhead comes with a rope and net for catching Punk Frogs and Ninja Turtles. He also comes with clamp trap, chain and collar, a pair of crawfish clamps, and trusty swamp gun. HE also comes with couple of pair of hands to hold it all. As you can see in the pictures, the clip to hold his clamp trap ripped off on the first use. It ripped a little as I was carefully pulling the trap off. It then fully came off when I was adjusting his belt to face the right way. Leatherhead is about the same size as NECA’s previous Rocksteady or Bebop. The only extra articulation he has is the tail which is one ball joint. Speaking of the tail, if you have trouble popping it on, soak it in a cup of warm water for a few min to soften the plastic. The joints on Leatherhead weren’t as stiff as Slash but one thing stuck out. His ankle joints were peach which I noticed pretty quickly. After reaching out to others it seems this is one of those random production things. Some got peach, some got blue, and some got one of each.

This QC issue bothers others, but I couldn’t care less. It is only noticeable when you look at him from behind, which I assume would be rare. I thought about painting them myself but figured the paint would just chip off anyway the more I moved them. Ankle issues aside, I still think this is a really solid figures and close to the top as one of my favorite toon turtles at the moment. I know that ranking will change with all the other cool figures NECA has coming.

Even though there are minor QC (quality control) issues with both, these are still really solid figures. The attention to detail on the sculpts and paint far outweigh the minor nitpick issues previously mentioned. They really bring the characters from the cartoon to life. Like most NECA figures, you just have to take care when handling them. They are overall solid figures, it’s just some of the add ons and accessories you have to worry about.
If you are wanting to add these two to your turtle collection they are starting to show up on Target shelves as we speak. That is the only place you can get them so be patient and don’t feed the scalpers. I am sure NECA will keep restocking these as long as people are still wanting them. The restock of Rocksteady and Bebop should be landing on shelves in the beginning of September if you missed out the first time. Personally, I am still patiently waiting to find the Casey Jones and Foot soldier two-pack. Hopefully, NECA is able to make some of the future releases of the toon versions available for pre-order on their site like the re-issue of Metalhead.
That’s enough for now, so until our next unboxing, happy hunting!

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