Unboxed: NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze Super Shredder

I remember my second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie experience better than the first one.  Although I managed to see both in theaters, the second one was a complete surprise as I was told we were “too busy with soccer games”.  My father, who was not a fan of sitting through kids movies in theaters, must have had an extra warm heart that weekend.  I remember after my soccer game asking if we could see it expecting him to say no.  I was shocked when he was like “let me talk to your mother”.  After a brief chat on the walk to the car it was decided, we were going to the movies.  We then stopped by the house to change and check the paper on when the next showings were.  As I mentioned, my dad wasn’t big on taking us to the actual movies so the fact that he took me to this one gives it an extra special place in my heart.

I knew they would try to go bigger with new characters and expand on the previous movie but was not expecting Super Shredder.  Although it wasn’t the climactic ending I was expecting it was still cool to see what would happen if Shredder juiced up on mutagen.  NECA did a great job with this one bringing Super Shredder from the big screen to action figure.  Although he is considered a Walmart exclusive, NECA did have a limited amount up on their site as well.  If you missed out on those it looks like you are at the mercy of Walmart.  I can’t express enough how grateful I am to the gang at NECA for listening to the fans and finding creative ways to help get these figures into more collectors’ hands instead of the scalpers.  There are many issues with distribution and licensing that not everyone understands so the hard work to find ways around them is definitely appreciated.

Since Super Shredder is so huge there isn’t much more besides him that comes in the box.  To keep it at a reasonable price point, you’ll just get a spear, a mutagen canister and 5 extra hands.  As I mentioned earlier, I was really impressed with the detail and how well it translates from the screen to figure.  Psycho eyeballs aside, there were a few things I was worried about when I saw him revealed a while back.  The main thing was all the blades.  If you were concerned like me, there is no need to worry about them snapping off as they are soft rubber and bendable.  The double elbow joint was something else I noticed right out of the box.  The joint is sculpted well into his arm and allows for great range of motion without looks goofy like some other figures.

Overall I was really impressed with how solid this figure is.  Even with some stiff joints I’m not afraid of breaking it while posing it.  The only other concern for me is the tightness of the hands when changing them out.  I know from past experience that if you pull too hard the peg inside the hand breaks.  That said, enough of the words. No one reads them anyway.  Let’s just look at the not so great pictures.



Like we mentioned earlier, if you missed this one during NECA’s direct sale, your best bet is finding one on the shelves at Walmart.  Good luck though, apparently “Joe Corpa in Ohio buys all the neca and resells them.”  I am not sure how well Brickseek works on NECA, but the SKU is 269034699 if you want to give it a try.  Personally, it is forever showing “out of stock” for anything NECA in my area.  You can also checkout the hashtag #CollectorsHelpingCollectors on Twitter to see if anyone in the community has an extra they are willing to get rid of.

That’s enough for now. So, until our next unboxing, happy hunting!

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