Guardians of the Galaxy

December Collector Corps: Guardians of the Galaxy

The villain boxes are in transit and Marvel has already announced the theme for December which is Guardians of the Galaxy.  The close date is December 4th and they assured us that they would ship in time to arrive by Christmas. Smart move as this would make a great Christmas gift for any Marvel or Guardians of the Galaxy fan.  We can already start guessing what the exclusive POP! is.  Also, if you haven’t already, sign up for Star Wars’ official subscription box, Smuggler’s Bounty.  

Entertainment Earth’s Tops Sellers for the Week


These were the top selling retail items at Entertainment Earth this past week.  (more…)

Hot Off the Truck: Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Edition Marvel Legends Action Figure Set – Entertainment Earth Exclusive


The latest version of Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends are in stock and going fast.  Unlike your typical Marvel Legends set, this set is an Entertainment Earth Exclusive and comes in a nice display box so there is no searching big box stores around town. (more…)

2015 SDCC Exclusives: Funko- Wave 2


Yesterday Funko announced their second wave of SDCC Exclusives.  We knew they weren’t going to leave any of their properties out so glad we are starting so see some of their Reaction offerings. (more…)

Pre-Order Now! Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends- Entertainment Earth Exclusive


This set was announced at SDCC last year and is based on the comic book versions of our cosmic heroes. There is no build a figure. There is no hunting them down at various big box stores. (more…)