Shipping This Week From the NECA Warehouse

After checking NECA’s shipping calendar, there are a lot of good things shipping to retailers this week.  One that I have been looking forward to the most is the 1:4 scale T-800 Terminator.   I have him on preorder so hopefully my wait is nearly over.  Everything shipping This Week also looks like it is available at their Amazon and eBay stores.

Terminator 2 1/4 Scale T-800 Figure by NECA


The Terminator franchise was one of my favorites growing up and I love the action figures NECA has given us this far.  I was super pumped to find out that they are now offering a 1/4 scale figure for the Terminator line.  I really hope this is the first of many more 1/4 scale Terminator figures.

The previously teased Terminator 2: Judgement Day 1/4 Scale T-800 Figure has been fully revealed by NECA. The figure stands at 18″ tall and will include over 25 points of articulation. Fans hoping for a minigun accessory will be quite pleased! It will also include an ammo bag and belt, a handgun, a grenade launcher and more. Check out the details below: (more…)

NECA’s Latest Terminator & Aliens Reveals

NECA revealed some more greats this week on Twitter.  Wednesday they revealed the latest in their Ultimate Terminator series with “You Could Be Mine” T-800.  He comes with shotgun and box of roses from the iconic mall scene in Terminator 2.  For the 25th anniversary T2 will be shown in theaters in 3D.

For #facehuggerfriday, we got a look at the Prometheus Lost Wave.  At long last, this series includes the never-released figures fans have been requesting: Vickers, Shaw and Fifield.   (more…)