Star Wars: EPVII Black Series Stromtrooper a 2015 SDCC Exclusive


Update June 10:  it’s official.  Entertainment Weekly has the scoop.  Will only set you back $24.99.  I feel bad for the guy who shelled out over a grand on ebay.  

Disregard the rest…….

I will take this with a grain of salt until I get an official announcement from Hasbro, but the latest rumor is that the EPVII Stormtrooper is going to be a SDCC exclusive.
Out friend falconer3933 currently has one up for auction in the box.  The box is fancier that the typical Black Series but that alone doesn’t make me thing exclusive.  Would a common trooper builder be an exclusive?  Either way check out falconer3933 other auctions for some other early looks from Hasbro.  What are your thoughts?  SDCC Exclusive?

$_12 $_13 $_14 $_15

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