Think Outside the Toy Box: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Merchandise


Lets all take a moment and think about Sept 4th.  I mean really think about what is about to happen.  In case you have been living in a galaxy far far away you know Sept 4th is “Force Friday”.  The day where at midnight all Star Wars Episode VII merchandise goes on sale.

This release is going to be a huge event with every toy store and Big Box having midnight release parties.  A whole new generation (kids) numbering in the tens of millions will be coming on board as life long fans while the past generation (parents) help create that generation.

It has been nearly a decade since our last Star Wars release and the first since Disney is at the helm of the franchise.  That said, they will hold nothing back and not miss any opportunities to guarantee its long term success.  If this is your first experience being in the toy/collectibles market during a Star Wars release, you need to do your home work and be prepared for what will happen.  There will be so many items covering multiple markets.  There will be small impulse items like house wares and apparel that will be common place.  Then there will be collectible items like action figures, statues, lithos, and prop replicas that have a long term potential in value.  Of course, with anything, supply and demand with have the most to do with the rise and fall of a certain item.

Items go on sale midnight Sept 4th and there is a strong possibility the shelves will be empty by Sunday.  Don’t pass up any chances to get items pre-ordered as soon as you can.  When Episode VII stuff dries up, people will search for ANYTHING Star Wars.  Also, pay attention to what is being discontinued so you aren’t stuff paying crazy eBay prices.  Remember Black Series Wave 1 people had trouble giving away?  Those are easy $60 each on eBay.

September 4th will be here before we know it so do your home work and we will keep you up to date with all the news and rumors as soon as we get them.  As always sign up for updates by email, twitter or Facebook (right side)




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