First Look: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Toys


We heard rumors and then an official announcement that we were getting an EPVII Stormtrooper to the Black Series.  Well, yesterday Entertainment Weekly put that rumor to rest as well as giving us a first look at a couple of other EPVII offerings.  I must say I am impressed so far and know that this is only the tip of the iceburg.  Check out the images and descriptions below.  You can get the full story from Entertainment Weekly here.


This one you can actually pick up at the show for only $24.99




This is another one that will be offered not only at the show but available at retail to the general public at a later date.  We assuming “Force Friday”




This is my personal favorite.  Unfortunately this will be a display only at the show and we have to wait until Jan 2016.  Well worth it in my option as that is no minifig.  This First Order Stormtrooper is 81 pieces and stands a posable 9 inches.




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