Inside the Toy Box: Issue Seven


Inside the Toy Box sums up the past week’s toy news, top sellers, trends, pre-orders and any other great happenings in the world of toys and pop culture.

A lot of interesting stuff went up for pre-order and came of the truck this week.  I was also sent a list of a few items that will no longer be in production much longer.  EPVII Hot-Wheels Elite also went up too.  Word from Mattel is that these will most likely be allocated so get in line.  They are not due to ship for a whole year so you have time to save up.  I have a feeling these will be one and done.  Anyway, check out the list below and make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get all the latest updates in NYCC Exclusives.   (more…)

Pre-Order Now: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hot-Wheels Elite Vehicles


As I got older and my income increased so did my taste in collectibles.  Like any kid I had a ton of Hot-Wheels growing up.  Well Mattel got smart and as us kids got older they started making their die-cast fancier and fancier.  Now, as an adult I still buy the dollar Hot-Wheels for my son and the Hot-Wheels Elite for me. (more…)

Think Outside the Toy Box: Flippin’ Starships


Think Outside the Toy Box is a segment that does just that.  It asks us to think outside the toy box to get our collectibles lower than retail or to make a quick flip for cash.

We all know everything EPVII will be highly sought after.  While I was on my weekly Target run I got to check out the toy aisle for the first time since the Force Friday dust settled.  There is definitely plenty of stuff still to be had.   (more…)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toys Purchased in the Wild


Well Chad H over at is one lucky SOB.  He just strolled into his local Toy R Us up in Canada and scored what looks like to be the first Force Awakens toys to be purchased.  We get good pictures of the shelf that someone messed up and stocked early. (more…)