Inside the Toy Box: Issue Twenty


Inside the Toy Box sums up the past week’s toy news, top sellers, trends, pre-orders and any other great happenings in the world of toys and pop culture.

The big news is next month’s Loot Crate.  The theme is Dead and it will contain an exclusive McFarlane figure from The Walking Dead.   There also promises to be a Deadpool item as well.  After a couple of lack luster months there is finally a crate I am looking forward too.  Another subscription box looking to ride the Deadpool movie coat tails is Marvel’s Collector Corps.  In my opinion, both of those boxes are sound investments this month.  While we are on the topic of subscription boxes, get in on DC’s Legion of Collectors.  It’s the only place you’ll be able to snag an Armored Batman POP!

I never thought I would say this, but I am kinda looking forward to Ben Affleck’s run as Batman.  Thanks to his many wardrobe changes in the up coming movie, there are plenty of new additions to my Batman collection.  I can’t wait for the Knightmare Batman figures and POPS! to be released.  There is also rumor of a fourth suit.  I guess we will have to wait until March for that.  There are plenty of figures already on shelves and the new die casts from Jada Toys had me curious.  There are many different ones out there, but I went with the slightly larger (6-inch) Armored Batman (M11).


You get him in his regular suit and can add the armor for a two for one deal.  Plus the $19.99 price tag can’t be beat.  Did I mention his eyes light up?  If you are looking to splurge, Mezco Toyz added Batman and Supes to their 1:12 series.  Each figure has a film accurate outfit and over 44 points of articulation and is packaged in a deluxe, fifth panel window box with translucent acetate slipcover.

A lot of POP! news since we spoke last.  Amazon has a pretty sweet Deadpool POP! thats due out Feb 15th and currently up for pre-order.


FN-2187 fans will get an official POP!, but its a Target exclusive.  Walmart isn’t being left out with there Kryptonite glow Batman and Superman 2-pack.  

We missed this last week, but the Lady Deadpool Femme Fatales statue is a must for any Deadpool fan.  She is approximately 9-inches tall, wields twin katana swords, and a pretty killer ponytail atop a small diorama base.


Ralph went up for pre-order completing the 1:6 scale set from Mondo.  Be sure to tune in to the Super Bowl as we will get new TMNT 2 movie action. We also get a good look at Casey Jones’ mask with this prop replica.  TMNT are also leaving Lego for Mega Blocks, and there are already plenty of sets out for fans.

There is a rare variation of 6-Inch X-Wing Pilot Asty out there to be on the lookout for.  According to the 52301 date stamp on the figure on the left, Hasbro originally offered Asty with black straps and blaster in hand before reducing the paint application and changing the inner tray on the figure on the right (date stamped as 52371).  When word gets out, something tells me this one will be extremely hard to find.


There are more rumors about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that hint Darth Vader will have a major presence in the movie.  I have been told by reliable sources on the distribution level that this next run might be his last for the Black Series.  If you don’t already have this figure, get it now.  Wave 5 of the Jungle and Space series also went up for pre-order and it looks like we finally get Admiral Ackbar.  Walmart has a new wave of their exclusive 3 3/4-inch figures on shelves.  The new wave includes Poe Dameron, Han Solo, Finn, and fan favorite, Rey.

Thats all for this week.  As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up with all the toy news.

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