Pre-Order Now: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Barbie Dolls


It looks like Ken has some competition.  We saw Wonder Woman at SDCC, and now we get a good look at Batman and Superman.  Up for pre-order, these are due to ship March 1st.  These are your typical Barbies and are labeled for the adult collector.  If you know me I am a huge Batman fan, so there is a good chance I might own my first Barbie.  We already have Wonder Woman of pre-order for my daughter.  Depending on the online retailer they are running any where from $39.99-$49.99.

Wonder Woman 

The wild card in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™, Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus and an Amazonian princess! Sculpted and costumed just like the movie character, she’s fully articulated and ready to fight with her sword, shield, and her iconic “magic” lasso. Knee-high boots, armored bracelets, and a headdress complete her warrior’s attire.



Fierce and formidable, the Dark Knight of Gotham Cityis on a mission to take down Superman! You’ll swear this fully articulated Batman looks just like the gritty hero arriving on movie screens in March 2016, in both face sculpt and costume design. Includes Batarang™ accessory and display stand.



Revered savior, or alien menace? The world is divided about Superman in this new movie. This fully articulated Man of Steel is inspired in sculpt and costume by his silver screen counterpart. He may be faster than a speeding bullet, but he comes with a stand to keep him in one place on your shelf!


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