Mattel’s New Series of Barbies Honors Inspiring Women in History

Kids will soon be able to learn and play with some of the most influential women in history.  Today, Mattel announced a new series of Barbies called “Inspiring Women.”   The first figures in the series are Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart and Katherine Johnson.  All three women made history in different industries: Earhart was the first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean; Mexican artist Kahlo was known for her unique painting style and feminist activism; and Johnson, who was highlighted in the 2016 film “Hidden Figures,” broke boundaries for black women in mathematics and calculated dozens of trajectories for NASA, including the 1969 Apollo 11 flight to the moon.  (more…)

Mattel SDCC Exclusives: MOTU She-Ra


Mattel and Hasbro are the biggest players when it comes to SDCC exclusives, so it always seems like we are playing catch up with them.  Between them, they both own a bunch of brands and licenses.  They teased this one a while back, but finally revealed it back on May 29th.  It’s the MOTU She-Ra exclusive.  If you are lucky enough to attend she will set you back $75. From (more…)

Mattel Celebrates ‘Star Trek’s’ 50th with Kirk, Spock and Uhura Barbie dolls


Entertainment Weekly had the official reveal but the set can already be found at Entertainment Earth and big boxes like Target.  To mark Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, CBS has teamed up with Mattel to create an exclusive line of Kirk, Spock, and Uhura dolls from the Barbie collection.   (more…)

Mattel Teases SDCC 2016 Exclusives


Mattel has already reveled two of their exclusives, there’s whole bunch more coming.  The real world gets in the way sometime so I know I a a few days late with this.   (more…)

Inside the Toy Box: Issue Twenty One


Inside the Toy Box sums up the past week’s toy news, top sellers, trends, pre-orders and any other great happenings in the world of toys and pop culture.

Big news is the reports that Mattel and Hasbro are in talks to join forces.  Right now, all it is are talks and I don’t see this happening without huge regulatory scrutiny.  It would be hard for the two largest toy companies to merge without forming a monopoly.

Lego, next biggest toy maker, had a few announcements of their own at the UK Toy Fair. (more…)