Get ’em While They’re Hot: #AliensDay426 Exclusive Kenner Tribute Ripley Action Figure


We discussed this figure a couple of days ago and now the time is upon us.  Your best bet at acquiring this bad boy, or girl, is to get it from  There are reports on the twitter machine that not all Toys R Us have them quite in stock yet, and there online ordering is kinda glitchy (go figure). As usual, NECA hit another home run.  

NECA-Alien-Day-Exclusive-Kenner-Tribute-Ripley-3 NECA-Alien-Day-Exclusive-Kenner-Tribute-Ripley-2 NECA-Alien-Day-Exclusive-Kenner-Tribute-Ripley

NECA-Alien-Day-Exclusive-Kenner-Tribute-Ripley-6 NECA-Alien-Day-Exclusive-Kenner-Tribute-Ripley-7

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