New Netflix Series Will Let You Relive Your Childhood with “The Toys That Made Us”


A new Netflix mini-series dedicated to the toys of our childhood is set to start filming this March.  The 8 part mini-series is called “The Toys That Made Us”, and hopes to debut December 2017/January 2018.   Although, they won’t officially start filming until March, they will be sneaking in a few shots from the Toy Fair this month in New York.  And if you think they are staying local, you’re wrong.  They mentioned in a short exchange that they will be traveling all over the world to capture toy lines from Japan, Denmark, China, and Canada.  They also said they will be making plenty of stops around the states as well.  (more…)

Smuggler’s Bounty: Bounty Hunter Hints

If you follow @starwars on Twitter, you know they have been dropping some hints about the upcoming Bounty Hunter box.  Don’t worry, the latest offering from Smuggler’s Bounty still has a little over two weeks before it closes.  What are we going to get?   (more…)

Get ’em While They’re Hot: #AliensDay426 Exclusive Kenner Tribute Ripley Action Figure


We discussed this figure a couple of days ago and now the time is upon us.  Your best bet at acquiring this bad boy, or girl, is to get it from  There are reports on the twitter machine that not all Toys R Us have them quite in stock yet, and there online ordering is kinda glitchy (go figure). As usual, NECA hit another home run.   (more…)