Funko 2016 SDCC Exclusives Wave 6


It looks like this wave brings us an ape, bat, a cat, and a cowboy.  I have all the other Deadpool POPS!, so hopefully I don’t end up paying a fortune for this one on the after market.  

Pop! Marvel: Deadpool – Cowboy Deadpool

Pop! Games: Five Nights at Freddy’s – Golden Freddy

Dorbz Ridez: Banana Splits – Bingo (300pc LE)

Dorbz Ridez: Banana Splits – Snorky (300pc LE)

Rock Candy: Catwoman (Purple Suit)

Pop! TV: The Flash – 6″ Gorilla Grodd

Dorbz: Game of Thrones 3-pack – White Walker, Hound & Joffrey


Just revealed by Toy Tokyo:

Pop! Rides: ’66 Chrome Batmobile (Toy Tokyo LE)

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