Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Ego the Living Planet Dorbz Revealed

James Gunn tweeted Kurt Russell’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Dorbz, Ego the Living Planet in human form.



Coming Soon: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers POPS! & Dorbz

The mighty morphin fun continues with new Pop!s and Dorbz from the iconic TV series
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

The new Pop! vinyl series features the Red, White, and Pink Rangers in
unique action poses! In addition, be on the lookout for incredible variants and
exclusives, like Metallic Pink Ranger and Metallic Red Ranger (feat. ninja coin deco) exclusively
at Hot Topic! Or Alpha 5, the Rangers’ faithful robot assistant, only at Walmart! (more…)

Spoilers: Funko’s Walmart Black Friday Mystery Box


I wonder why Funko calls it a “mystery” box and then do a spoiler video telling everyone what is in it.  My theory is that they are all the same, unlike last year’s Gamestop boxes.  The Walmart ones are DC themed and you can check out the screen grabs below.   They will be available in select stores and at starting November 21st.  I didn’t pick up what the retail price is, but I am guessing $20-$25 range.  Oh, and they will all come shrink wrapped, so no peeking. (more…)

Funko 2016 NYCC Exclusive Round Up


I went home to visit the wife and kids this past weekend, so we missed posting waves four and five.  You can check them out below, along with waves one, two, and three.  We also want to remind you that if you are attending, you had to sign up for Funko’s lottery for a chance to purchase from their booth.  Funko also released the prices for most of their exclusives.  We also have their Tokyo Toy exclusives as well. (more…)

Spoilers: Marvel Collector Corps Year One Box


Some images of this one have been floating around Twitter since last night, but now Funko has an official unboxing video of their Year One box.  I get all three (Marvel, DC, Star Wars) of Funko’s subscription boxes regularly.  I actually passed on this box, and I am kinda glad I did.  Check out the images and video below.  Do you think it was a let down for $125?  Read on if you want to see how pissed you’re gonna be if you got this box. (more…)