Lego 2016 SDCC Exclusive BickHeadz

USA Today revealed some more information on LEGO’s upcoming BrickHeadz line.  The company’s brand new LEGO BrickHeadz collectible line won’t hit retail until next year, but fans at the pop-culture event can get their hands on limited-edition preview two-packs ($40 each) featuring blocky, buildable versions of the biggest superhero characters in movies and comics.

The figures feature DC and Marvel heroes, and will be available one set per day. You’ll need to be labeled a “winner” from LEGO in the morning in the Sails area.  LEGO’s drawing system makes their SDCC Exclusives hard for collectors and fans to get their hands on, and they become owners of some of the priciest prizes of all. These exclusives are incredibly difficult to get and keep their value high.

Check out the new BickHeadz and their release schedule:

July 21 – Batman & Joker


July 22 – Doctor Strange & Black Panther


July 23 – Superman & Wonder Woman


July 24 – Captain America & Iron Man


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