NECA SDCC Reveals 

To say NECA wins SDCC in toy reveals every year is an understatement.  Today they were busy dropping teases all across social media.  You can check out a round up of those images below.  We will be posting updates as they come so make sure to always check back.  
Updated with new TMNT reveals.

Updated again: Crystal Lake set, Predator vs. Alien VGA, Robocop, and Valerian from

Their upcoming Ultimate Chucky seems to be getting a great response so far on twitter.  This guy comes with head sculpts and asscessories that span Child’s Play 1,2,3 and Curse of Chucky.   I’ll probably end up with two, one for me and one for my son.  

Another figure revealed is a new 7 inch Freddy figure from Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge.  This could be an Ultimate after looking at all the extra head sculpts and dogs.

Looks like there’s a 1/2 Deadpool coming if you need that.  Looks like this 36in version will have is X-Force colors.  Not sure the retail price but if you want him you’ll have to wait until March of next year. 

Some more TMNT are coming to 1/4 scale.   Looks like Raph in disqise and baby turtles are coming as well as some prop replica from the 1990 movie.  

Other reveals seem in photos are The 2 pack from Evil Dead 2, Gremlins, and “Razor” Xenomorph from the arcade game.  

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