Child’s Play

Unboxed: NECA Child’s Play Chucky 8-Inch Cloth Retro Action Figure

Even though I’ve had him a couple of weeks, I finally got around to taking some pictures of this guy.  I don’t know why I waited so long, this little guy is fun to play with.  He has great articulation and poseablity.  His small light weight also allow him to stand freely in many different positions, even walking.  (more…)

New In Package Photos of NECA’s Ultimate Chucky & James Cameron Aliens Action Figures

A few in package photos of some up coming NECA releases have been making their rounds online.  They are the highly anticipated Ultimate Chucky and James Cameron Colonial Marines Action Figures.  Chucky is a wide release ans James Cameron can only be found at Toys R Us.  Also, notice the Good Guys box in the packaging of Chucky.  Both should be making their way onto shelves next month.


Shipping This Week From the NECA Warehouse 

After checking NECA’s shipping calendar, there are a lot of good things shipping to retailers this week.  The 8-inch Retro Clothed Chucky is finally coming as well as Friday the 13th 3 Jason Mask replica.  Check out more photos and description over at  You can expect them to be making their way to retailer shelves in the next few weeks.  As always if you can’t wait they are available at their eBay store.  

NECA SDCC Reveals 

To say NECA wins SDCC in toy reveals every year is an understatement.  Today they were busy dropping teases all across social media.  You can check out a round up of those images below.  We will be posting updates as they come so make sure to always check back.  
Updated with new TMNT reveals.

Updated again: Crystal Lake set, Predator vs. Alien VGA, Robocop, and Valerian from