Poison Ivy

Coming Soon: Batman The Animated Series POP! Vinyl Figures


Bruce Timm’s iconic designs come to life as Pop! Vinyl figures. Based on Batman: The Animated Series, these figures have the iconic look from the memorable 1990s cartoon series. All are up for pre-order now, slated for a January 2017 release. (more…)

DC Superhero Girls: ‘A $Billion Brand’


Warner Bros is pushing this brand hard.  What was once a Target exclusive is now being offered to all retailers, big and small.  The Youtube shorts are already his and this August you can see the first full length feature, Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year.   (more…)

Target, DC Comics Team Up for ‘Super Hero Girls’ Collection


Target already claimed gender neutrality in their toy department, but I guess they still feel the need to focus on the girls.

Target has teamed up with DC Comics to launch a collection of merchandise based on some of DC’s most colorfully costumed female characters, and the new line is getting a thumbs up from comic book fans and parents alike. (more…)

DC Debuts New Commercial for “Batman: The Animated Series” as well as a new wave of action figures

San Diego Comic Con has breaking news coming out every second so keeping up is a wasted effort.  Already big news for fans of the Animated Series.  Entertainment Weekly and DC announced the a new line of action figures for Batman: The Animated Series.   (more…)