2016 NYCC exclusives

Super7 Convention Exclusives Available for Pre-Order at Entertainment Earth


If you missed the Super7 exclusives at NYCC, you now have a chance to pre-order them at Entertainment Earth.  I was lucky enough to get the Alien Queen and Jason Voohrees figure when I attended last month.  I have the black and white Masters of the Universe set, so I am sure I will eventually be getting the color versions.  If you are patient enough to wait this is a good way to save and avoid eBay prices. (more…)

Funko 2016 NYCC Exclusive Round Up


I went home to visit the wife and kids this past weekend, so we missed posting waves four and five.  You can check them out below, along with waves one, two, and three.  We also want to remind you that if you are attending, you had to sign up for Funko’s lottery for a chance to purchase from their booth.  Funko also released the prices for most of their exclusives.  We also have their Tokyo Toy exclusives as well. (more…)

Funko 2016 NYCC Exclusives Wave Four


Funko announced their third of waves of NYCC exclusives today.  They also stated that some of the announced exclusives will be available at other outlets as well.  They did not specify which ones and where.  Chef Deadpool is the POP! I’ll be tracking down in this wave.   (more…)

Funko 2016 NYCC Exclusives Wave Two


Funko announced the second wave of their NYCC exclusives.  The Killing Joke Joker will definitely be added to my POP! bat shelf.

Today’s announcement includes a couple great TV additions, like Hawkgirl and
Zombie Olivia Moore, as well as new versions of old favorites,
like Batman, Batgirl, and The Joker! (more…)

Funko NYCC Exclusives Lottery


I am really excited for NYCC.  This is the first major con that I am getting a chance to go to.  Funko posted the rules and lottery information about getting a ticket to their booth.  I already signed up, so check out their blog below and get your name in if you’re going to be there.

In order to streamline the process and determine fairly who will be eligible to enter the Funko booth, we’re raffling off tickets and you could get a chance to get into the Funko booth and snag some Funko Exclusives – only available at NYCC! (more…)