Bruce Wayne

New MAFEX The Dark Knight Trilogy Bruce Wayne & Ra’s al Ghul

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is my favorite and I’m committed MAFEX to build my collection.  The reason, although pricey, they bring us the most figures from the trilogy.  Not only are they updating previous releases, they are constantly adding new additions.  Those new additions often come with awesome accessories for previously released figures.  There is a perfect example here with the new Bruce Wayne.  Currently up for pre-order at, they are due to ship March of 2019.  Check out the descriptions and promo photos below.  (more…)

1966 Batman Coming to Lego


The rumors are true, 1966 Batman is coming to Lego and they are pulling out all the stops.  I am a huge fan of Batman and 1966 is one of my favorites.  The 1966 Batmobile is in my top three with the Tumbler and the 1989 Batmobile.  The Batfleck mobile is creeping up there.   (more…)

2015 SDCC Exclusives: Diamond Select Toys (cont’d)


I know we posted some of Diamond Selects Exclusive for San Diego Comic Con this year but here is a few that I think we missed.  If I am repeating myself bear with me but there are a few new exclusives that are probably worth checking out. (more…)