Year One

Spoilers: Marvel Collector Corps Year One Box


Some images of this one have been floating around Twitter since last night, but now Funko has an official unboxing video of their Year One box.  I get all three (Marvel, DC, Star Wars) of Funko’s subscription boxes regularly.  I actually passed on this box, and I am kinda glad I did.  Check out the images and video below.  Do you think it was a let down for $125?  Read on if you want to see how pissed you’re gonna be if you got this box. (more…)

Marvel Collector Corps Year One Super Box



I just got this email from Marvel Collector Corps about their latest offing to current subscribers.  Check out the email below.

In honor of our fantastic first year, we’ve released a Year One Super Box. This box is bigger and better than anything that’s come before, and it’s now available to all active subscribers!