From the Front Lines: “Force Friday”


As the countdown nears the end, we plan on being on the front lines tonight at midnight for the release of all new EPVII merchandise.  In addition to the big boxes of Wal-Mart, Target and Toy R Us,  The Disney Store and Hot Topic are participating as well.  Check your local Disney Store and Hot Topic for hours but most are opening at 6am.  So if you miss out at the big boxes, stay up and hit the Disney Store.  The first 100 to make a purchase at the Disney Store receive an exclusive collector pin.  Pay attention to the details, not first 100 in line but first 100 to make a purchase.  Follow us on twitter @toyboxone for live updates.

Don’t feel like waiting in line?  Entertainment Earth is going live online at midnight east coast, 9 pm west coast.  Click here for all things EPVII.

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