Universal Monsters

Super7 at NYCC2019

Super7 announced the exclusives they plan on bringing to NYCC this year.  It looks like they are planning to bring a little bit of everything, some of it even glowing.  Check out their blog below:

To quote the Ramones: “New York City really has it all… Oh, yeah… Oh, yeah!” Super7 is stoked to be back at New York Comic Con in Booth 642 on October 3rd-6th!  Of course, it wouldn’t be NYCC if we didn’t bring some new exclusives and debuts as well as recent favorite releases!
Here is a preview of what will be available from Super7 at NYCC while supplies last. Printed copies of this catalog booklet will be available for FREE if you visit our booth! So, come and see us!


Funko NYCC Exclusives: Wave Three


I am starting to see a running pattern with Funko and this years NYCC.  If you are a fan of reaction and Universal Monsters or Star Wars Hikari, you might want to bring a fat wallet.  Funko announce wave three today and you can check them all out below.  I must say, if I were attending I would definitely be grabbing the flocked Cookie Monster for the kids.  It looks like all the Vinyl Idolz will be bloody this year too. (more…)

Funko NYCC Exclusives: Wave Two


Funko announced wave two today and it looks like I am going to have to add another Chimichanga truck to my food truck lot.  In addition to Deadpool’s Red Chimichanga Truck we also get a pretty cool Hikari Boba Fett which is limited to only 750 pieces.   (more…)

Funko NYCC Exclusives: Wave One


Funko is realeasing their exclusives in waves again it looks like.  They released wave one today and it looks like your usual mix of their brands and licenses.  I am a fan of their Vinyl Idiols line so I was glad to see Bloody Daryl.   (more…)

Get ’em While They’re Hot: MOTU Reaction Prototype Figure 4-Pack


Everyone knows that Super7 and Funko struck gold when they started doing their retro style Reaction figures.  In typical Funko style they are making Reaction figures for everything. (more…)