Pre-Order Now: New Marvel Legends Entertainment Earth & GameStop Exclusives

All the new Entertainment Earth and Gamestop Marvel Legends exclusives revealed at SDCC are up for pre-order.  These are not all of Hasbro’s Marvel Legend reveals, just the exclusives.  Speaking of exclusives, be on the look out for the Walgreens exclusive Magik.   (more…)

Pre-Order Now! Ant-Man Marvel Legends Wave 1 (Ultron BAF)

Ultron Prime (BAF)

Ultron Prime (BAF)

Technical name is Ant-man Marvel Legends Wave 1.  This series give us the Ultron BAF from the recent blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron.  This gem of this series is Ant-man.  He is based on the movie version of the hero and the set comes out when? You guess it, July.  Just in time for the movie.  Unfortunately thats the only movie inspired character we get.  Yes, still no killer Yellow Jacket.  Although a package photo shows a small yellow-jacket and Ultron’s head) (more…)

Pre-Order Now! Avengers Marvel Legends Wave 3 (Hulkbuster BAF)


We wrote earlier about the Hulkbuster Marvel Legends series and now its up for pre-order.  Marvel and Hasbro really hit it out of the park with this wave.   (more…)