The Must Have Toy This Holiday Season


If you were wondering what all the soccer moms were doing camping outside of Toys R Us, they are looking to snag this year’s hottest toy, Hatchimals.  This hot item sold out quickly and Toys R Us was rumored to have more stock hit shelves today.  I haven’t been lucky enough to see one in the wild yet but they are already well over $100 on eBay.   (more…)

NECA’s Ghost & Stalker Predators in stock at their eBay store


Part of NECA’s latest Predator series just came in stock at their eBay store.  The Ghost and Stalker Predators are in stock, with the Spiked Tail Predator only a couple of weeks away.  Also coming soon is the Predator Clan Leader.   (more…)

NECA Aliens Series 9 Available in eBay Store


NECA’s highly anticipated Aliens series 9 is up in their eBay store.  These figures in this series look to be starting off strong.  I know collectors and fans like Marines, but with the struggle for likeness rights they are hard to come by.  The series includes Private Vasquez, Private Frost, and an Albino Drone Xenomorph. (more…)

NECA TMNT 2016 SDCC Exclusive Arcade Ninja Turtles & Foot Clan Set Blowing Up on eBay


The buzz was great about this set when it was revealed a while back.  If you going to SDCC you could pre-order, insuring one you be waiting for you when you got there.  It looks like a few of the lucky ones are trying to make a quick buck, and I don’t blame them.  A set that cost you $100, is going for $350-$400 for both the turtles and foot clan.  Individual boxes are going for around $175.  Thats not a bad return for pre-ordering and swinging by the NECA booth to pick them up.    (more…)

Marvel Legends Namor Walgreens Exclusive Swimming into Stores


It looks like Namor is currently making his way to Walgreens stores.  This Walgreens exclusive Marvel Legends figure has been popping up on eBay, meaning people are trying to make a quick flip.  Walgreens exclusives are hit or miss on the secondary market.  Poor Daredevil is still warming the pegs at my Walgreens. (more…)