Toys R Us 2016 Convention Exclusives

I was out of town for a few days with my “real” job, so I am just now going through my emails.  One of those emails in Toys R Us convention exclusives.  If you are going to SDCC you will have to swing by Entertainment Earth booth (#2343) to grab them.  If you aren’t lucky enough to find them at the cons, don’t worry.  You can order them online at Entertainment Earth starting July 21st.  A few I wouldn’t count on though.  For instance, the Star Wars Droid 3-pack will be highly sought after.  There are also some cool TMNT Mega Bloks.  Some of the exclusives are already popping up on eBay (more…)

DC Superhero Girls: ‘A $Billion Brand’


Warner Bros is pushing this brand hard.  What was once a Target exclusive is now being offered to all retailers, big and small.  The Youtube shorts are already his and this August you can see the first full length feature, Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year.   (more…)